Golden Bean Twenty Nineteen

Another year, another competition and another chance to prove yourself worthy of bringing home that elusive, ego boosting  medal! Well, this years Golden Bean Competiton was Amielo Coffee’s 1st ever and we experienced a moderate level of success (4 bronze medals). It definitely provides a sense of validation to be accepted by your peers and and have other people besides your Mom tell you your coffee is great! Competitions are good in the sense that they can push you to do you best and put some extra love and effort into your product/craft. However, I think that effort should be there regardless. Every roast deserves your attention, all year long! There are times and seasons of busyness and just “going through the motions” and that’s normal. Those upcoming competitions on your calendar can refocus you on being mindful and doing your best work.

But there’s also the beauty of  “failure” and not winning. This can be humbling and healthy as it may knock you down a notch and help you to be a bit more objective about your quality and your mothers “glowing praise”. To quote a fine young roaster I really admire: “you can always do better”! So get back on the horse, fire up the roaster and “get at it”. Don’t give up. And if you NEVER win a competition, don’t think that you don’t have still have a place in your community and that your coffee’s not delicious! Sometimes winning or “losing” is measured in fractions of a point and losing does not mean your coffee isn't tasty or that your not good at what you do! Keep at it!


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